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Documents suggested for Children
  • A birth certificate or magistrate’s official guardianship document for all children 18 years old and under. As of June 1, 2006, applicants age 2 to 18 must present the new computer generated birth certificate at the time of their interview; and
  • Both parents' passports;

Recommended Documents:

  • Both parents' job letters, financial statements and deeds to any property owned.

Note: All children 2 years and older must appear in person on the day of the appointment. Both parents will be allowed to accompany a minor child into the Embassy.  However if only one parent accompanies the child, then the accompanying parent should bring the above mentioned documents along with a letter of consent from the absent parent giving their permission for the accompanying parent to apply for the child.

The U.S. Embassy only accepts family court documents that demonstrate legal guardianship/legal custody of minors.

Additional documents may be required for certain visa classes, including the student, temporary worker, or crew visa categories. Additional information may also be found on the State Department website at