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American Chamber of Industry and Commerce

What AmCham Can Do For You!

The American Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AmCham) represents 300 private sector companies, 25% multinational and 75% national. AmCham T&T's member companies represent over 90% of the foreign direct investment into Trinidad and Tobago and AmCham has, in its 20-year history, become the de facto preferred point of private sector representation for local, US and multinational companies.

AmCham aims to be the preferred private sector business organisation for the stimulation of free and fair trade and investment within the Americas and the Caribbean.

Its strong mix of formidable local and international member companies; strong networking links; close association with the U.S. Embassy and alliances with the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America (AACCLA) all ensure rapid access to what you need to compete effectively both in local and overseas markets.

AmCham can therefore secure for members strategic information on doing business in a particular country; as well as set up introductions to the right business organisations or companies in the U.S. and throughout the western hemisphere.

As a Chamber of Commerce, AmCham T&T is committed to ensuring that the environment within which it and its members operate is conducive to business development and growth both nationally and internationally.

Through its lobbying efforts as a national private sector business organisation and input on Government policies, legislation and social climate, it seeks not only to encourage foreign direct investment in Trinidad and Tobago but also to encourage the growth of local business.

By leveraging the global AmCham network, it is also in a unique position to facilitate the formation of direct links between members and businesses in the Americas.

You can contact AmCham at