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Non-Immigrant Visas


 The U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs is currently experiencing technical problems with our visa system.  We are operating at a significantly reduced capacity and will be until we clear the document backlog.

We sincerely regret the inconvenience to travelers, and are committed to resolving the problem as soon as possible. Additional updates will be posted to as more information becomes available.

 We are continuing to schedule appointments through our website,  Please note that processing and delivery for some cases is expected to take longer than our normal timeframe of 7-10 days.


Non-immigrant Visas are visas for a temporary stay in the United States.  The type of non-immigrant visa that you require is based solely on your purpose of travel.  Some of most common visa types that people apply for at this Embassy are: Business/Tourist, Transit, Student, Exchange Visitor, Crew, Information Media and Temporary Worker Visas.  A complete list of non-immigrant visa types is available on the Department of State’s Travel website.


We would like to warn applicants against paying money to anyone who claims to work for the U.S. Embassy or any “Visa Consultant” who promises to get you either a green card or a U.S. Visa.  There have been reports of persons paying money to individuals who promised them a visa, saying they represented or worked at the U.S. Embassy, or could obtain a visa. These individuals are criminals, and this is a scam. 


Applying for a Non-Immigrant Visa

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