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Notary Services

Please Note: The fees for Notary services increased to US$50 per notary signature on Tuesday July 13th, 2010.

Notarial services are available to all U.S. passport holders and to foreign nationals with documents destined for use in the United States. Notarial services are executed by Consular Officers and may include documents to be signed before them, statements made under oath, affidavits and acknowledgments.

To have a document notarized, you must come in person to the office with the following:

  • Valid passport or other photo identification
  • Document to be notarized
  • Witness(es) - if required for your document
  • Fees: The notary fees are: US$50 for each notary signature. See the payment methods page for accepted forms of payment.

Hours of Operation

Notary services are available by appointment only.  Please go to the appointment scheduling page to schedule your appointment.

The U.S. and Trinidad and Tobago are both parties to the 1961 Hague Convention, and thus should recognize each other's publicly (non-Embassy) notarized documents. To save time and money, we recommend individuals work with a local, Trinidadian or Tobagonian notary public. The notarized documents must be accepted in the United States if they have the TT apostille stamp. The apostille service is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is free, and requires two days. Additional information can be found on the Trinidad and Tobago's government website.